I'm here to share some useful tips of mastering the perfect size of your artworks!

How to choose the right sized art for your space

Art can work on our psychological and mental health, which is why picking the ideal artwork for your space is significant. In any case, it may be hard to track down a piece of art that fits entirely in terms of color, surface, outlining, style, and, most importantly, size. With regards to wall art, size matters. 


Hey, I'm Anna and I'm here to share some useful tips of mastering the perfect size of your artworks!

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A canvas or framed print can style your room, but if it isn't of the right size, something may feel off. You need your wall art to be attractive and organize the space instead of making it look like it doesn't fit. There might be some incredible art pieces, yet it will seem strange if your empty wall space is excessively bigger than the piece. Similarly, if you pick a larger piece of art, it may overpower your room and cause it to feel crowded. 

If you have also got a clear space in your home, pondering where to start, then, at that point, continue reading. This article will show how to select the ideal artwork sizes by taking the size, situation, orientation, and different elements of your space into account.

Study Your Space

Before you focus on buying a beautiful canvas or framed print, you need to check how it will look in your space and what size fits best. Art placement is a necessary task, and finding the ideal spot for your art is way more important. Different things influence a location for hanging your art, such as light entrance, accumulation of crowd in an area (like an hallway or a living room), free space available, and other decor on the walls. 

Visualize and see if an enormous square canvas print looks best, or does a wide one suit the space better?

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A Rule of Thumb for Measuring

Regardless of whether you need to choose art for a wall going up your flight of stairs, the clear space over your bed, or the wall in the bathroom, you'll need the size of your art to be perfect for it. Some of the rules regarding size serve as a great tool to help you choose the correct size. The rules below will assist you with picking the right size of wall art for your space and upgrade your stylistic layout abilities:

  • Wall art should grab 60 to 75% of the space available, i.e., the space not behind furniture. Find the dimensions of your wall, and afterward, multiply them by 0.6 and 0.75. That will provide you with the scope of canvas print sizes that suit the space. For instance, if your wall size is 10 x 6 feet, your canvas will be between 6 x 3.6 feet and 7.5 x 4.5 feet. 
  • When hanging wall art over furnishings, for example, a bed, a chimney, or a dressing table, it ought to be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furnishings. You can do a comparative estimation here for the ideal canvas size over your bed, for instance. Suppose your bed is 5 feet wide, so the art/canvas must be between 3 to 3.75 feet wide.

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Artwork Size Selection

Many of us don't know how to perfectly place canvases of different sizes in our spaces. If you are confused about where your large and small canvases fit, we can help you. As a general rule, bigger is better. A small canvas can't occupy a bigger space, and a large canvas print will make great use of space. Oversized canvases best fit living rooms where people stay the most in their free time to enjoy a clear and brighter view of the art. 

As you found in the thumb rules, your printed artwork should get a large share of a clean wall. If you fancy buying smaller pieces, you can perfectly fit them in the small spaces available, place them one next to one another, or you can gather them to make a display wall.


Artwork Height

One can never neglect the height at which you hang your canvas while picking the right wall art size. When in doubt, for the most satisfying stylistic theme, you should intend to center the canvas at eye level. Additionally, if your artwork is above furnishings, give it some room by balancing it between 6 inches to a foot above the top of the furnishings. The artwork height adds to the room style and helps you create an aesthetic environment in your home or workplace.

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Great Tip for Visualizing the Ideal Artwork Size

The following tip will help you choose the correct dimensions of artwork to fit in your ideal location:

  • The best way to help you imagine your room with a specific art size is simply by tracing different areas in your room. You can use painter's tape, sticky notes, or a sheet of paper measured in your preferred size to outline a few spots and observe them for quite some time. That will give you an insight into how the chosen printed art or canvas will look in that space.


    The Verdict

    There are many guidelines you can observe while picking artwork that is the right size for your space, yet you need to consider how you feel about the piece. Art is far beyond aesthetics since it can reflect what your identity is. It is something you will see consistently, and therefore, it must radiate positive energy. Extraordinary art submerges you in its beauty and lets you draw time from your day to allow your brain to analyze deeply. For fulfilling that purpose, choosing the ideal canvas/printed art size is necessary, and we can help you in this regard.